How Giving Hearts Day Reaches Out Through Local Charities

Farm Rescue is Among One of the Hundreds of Charities Participating in Giving Hearts Day

FARGO, N.D. — One of charities participating in Giving Hearts Day is Farm Rescue, an organization that that gives farmers who are dealing with tragedy assistance on their farm.

When you’re a farmer, you don’t have the luxury to take days off.

Even when tragedy strikes, the work doesn’t stop.

“My wife had cancer and it came down to…she always ran machinery for me, she’d run green carts, she could run anything and everything,” said Tom McLean, a local farmer. “My Dad, he helped too during spring work and harvest and he ran some of the equipment too. So with my wife being sick and my Dad had fallen in the yard and broke his leg, they were both out of commission and I was left with myself.”

For a way of life that is already tough, it adds an emotional toll.

For farmers who are facing a crisis, Farm Rescue is there for them when they need help most.

Farm Rescue is just one of the hundreds of charities benefiting from Giving Hearts Day.

“The whole idea of giving hearts day is bringing all of these charitable causes together under one umbrella for the day and you generate awareness that would never be created by one or two or possibly three charities,” said Pat Traynor, the Executive Director of the Dakota Medical Foundation.

McLean said when he had to choose between his family and his livelihood, he chose his family and Farm Rescue chose him.

“Yes, yes, oh I’m very grateful,” said McLean. “It takes a load off of your mind and it helps you pretty much relax during the process. You don’t have to be stressed out and wonder if you’re going to get it done and get it done on time or you’re caught with the weather or you know, things like that…that come with the harvest.”

On Giving Hearts Day, your donation isn’t just helping one person put food on their table.

It’s helping a community.

For more information about how to donate on Giving Hearts Day click here.

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