Fat Tuesday Brings Out King Cakes…But No Baby for Some!

Breadsmith of Fargo makes an old fashioned style King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras

FARGO, N.D. — Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and that means it’s the last day to try a king cake.

King cakes can come in many different forms.

“We’re going to start by mixing the King cake dough,” said Kenny Lindley, Assistant Manager at Breadsmith, who guided KVRR’s Shiina’s LoSciuto through the process of making a king cake.

Mardi Gras is known to be one large party and the official center piece of the celebration?

A king cake.

“The modern version…they use a lot of artificial dyes, we don’t,” said Rob Roberts, owner of Breadsmith in Fargo. “We’re all about natural.”

Roberts is excited to make old fashioned king cakes for the people of the area.

He first started making them in 2012 and said sales have gone up every year since then.

“People have traveled to New Orleans or St. Louis or places like that where they experience it and say we want that for Fargo,” said Roberts. “We’re filling that niche for them.”

Everything that’s on the shelf is baked that morning.

“We’re using citrus dough, cinnamon, brown sugars, things like that,” he added. “Then we celebrate it and then after Fat Tuesday, we stop.”

The entire process takes about two hours.

“I don’t know of anyone else in town that makes it, which is kind of fun for us because it’s one of the things that helps make us unique,” added Roberts. “It also makes us…if you want to say cutting edge, but it’s really an older product.”

King cakes date back about 300 years and can be made in different ways, including with a filling of apples, chocolate or other fruits.

Often times, king cakes will have a small plastic baby baked inside and the person who gets that piece of cake with the baby is deemed the “king” or “queen” of the evening.

As we were cleaning up we did notice something.

Where is the baby?


“The legend is that you put a baby in it,” explained Roberts. “Whoever gets the baby gets good luck. The thought of trying to bite into a baby just seems wrong in so many ways. You can also substitute a nut but for people with nut allergies we don’t put a nut in it either.”

Getting the baby also means you’re in charge of next year’s celebration.

So with this cake, your only mission is to enjoy.

Breadsmith of Fargo isn’t the only place you can get this sweet treat.

Other locally owned bakeries like Wicked Wife Cakery is filling orders and reports all is well in the “King Cake World”.

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