MN Sunday Liquor Could Mean Business Loss for Fargo Stores

A Fargo liquor store owner says this law would decrease his Sunday sales by about 20%

FARGO, N.D. — Some Fargo liquor store owners say they will take a hit if Minnesota Sunday liquor sales become legal.

Joel Wold of Bottle Barn in Fargo says they will likely lose about 20% of their usual Sunday business.

He says Sunday is a big day for liquor purchases thanks to things like the Vikings games.

Wold thinks stores in West Fargo shouldn’t have to worry about losing Sunday sales to Minnesota.

“The stores that are right on the border, right on the river, close like us and even our competitor to the north, they’re probably the ones that see the biggest gains and probably have the most to lose,” said Bottle Barn owner Joel Wold.

The bill has passed both chambers but the House is still working out a compromise on Sunday hours.

If Governor Dayton signs the bill, liquor stores can begin opening on Sundays in July.

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