Saving a Life with Naloxone

Professionals in the metro gather Fargo Cass Public Health to learn how to use Naloxone

FARGO, N.D. — Opioid abuse has become an epidemic across the country  as well as right here in Fargo–Moorhead.

There’s one drug that can save a life when opioids are the cause of an overdose.

Professionals in the metro went to Fargo Cass Public Health to learn how to use it.

In 2014 the Minnesota State Legislature passed “Steve’s Law”, allowing immunity to people who call 911 when there’s a possible over dose.

“Steve was my fiancé and rather than planning our wedding, I ended up having to plan his funeral,” said Lexi Reed Holtum, Executive Director of the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation.

Reed Holtum says Naloxone could have saved Steve’s life.

She now works to educate people on how to use the lifesaving drug.

Health professionals filled the room and learned about addiction and overdose.

Not only did they listen to a lecture, they practiced how to rescue someone.

Nurses, law enforcement and treatment providers learned about the different ways the medication can help someone who has overdosed.

“If a small part or just a small pocket of our state or our community is afflicted by something, then we all are,” said Jeremy Kelly with the Good Neighbor Project.

Reed Holtum said a good first step would be to convince doctors to cut back on opioid prescriptions.

But since opioid abuse is a national concern, saving lives must also be addressed.

“Give them the tools like naloxone should they have a relapse as a part of the disease process. They don’t have to die,” said Reed Holtum.

A key lesson in the course is that you can’t harm someone by giving them the medication.

You will most likely save a life.

“For Steve’s family and for myself and for my daughter, we feel that his death wasn’t in vain and our mission right now is to empower everyone else,” said Reed Holtum.

Some pharmacies have programs where they will provide Naloxone without a prescription.

In North Dakota, you can check with CVS Pharmacies and check with Walgreens in Minnesota.

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