DAPL Protesters, Supporters Set Up Camp in Washington D.C.

Members of the camp say they are doing it to show solidarity with Standing Rock and to protest the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. Our Washington Correspondent Karys Belger reports

WASHINGTON D.C. — Dakota Access pipeline protests have now formed in Washington.

People from all across the country are joining together to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

On the National Mall, Native Americans are pouring in to protest the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

“We’re here to march in D.C. to remind the current administration that these issues are prevalent and that there are over 500┬ánations that are standing in solidarity and that they have obligations to indigenous people,” said Susana Sandoval of the Purepecha Tribe.

They say the pipeline threatens their sacred land and water supply.

“We want to bring our voice out, you know, for everybody to hear us,” said Alex Romero-Frederick of the Rosebud Sioux. “We thought a national platform would bring more attention to what’s going on.”

Wayne Frederick, also of the Rosebud Sioux, agreed. “The reason it’s so important is that we only have one Mother Earth,” he added. “We’ve got to slow down the perpetuation of fossil fuel in the industry.”

The official protest on the National Mall is scheduled to take place on Friday.

Construction continues on the final stretch of the pipeline in North Dakota and oil could be flowing through it in weeks.


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