Building of Wellness Center Might Mean Sales Tax Increase for People of Casselton

The town is voting on a sales tax increase to help fund an expansion of the community center

CASSELTON, N.D. — Casselton could see a new wellness center in the future, but it comes with a price.

People will be voting on a sales tax increase to fund the project.

“We’re voting to extend our sales tax from one percent to two percent,” said Casselton Mayor Lee Anderson.

“Having that one percent would throw a wrench into a lot of things,” said Abel Nelson, who has lived in Casselton all his life.

Mayor Anderson said it’s time to fill the need of both a community center and wellness center in the town of about 2,500 people.

“Five years ago, the school wasn’t expanding. Five years ago, when we looked into doing that 10 years ago, or 15 years ago, it was pretty insurmountable,” explained Anderson.

A new community center will soon be built in Casselton, connected to the Central Cass School.

Additionally, Casselton Park District wants to add a Wellness Center.

“It was an opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of,” said Anderson.

The revenue from the proposed tax increase would go towards funding the Wellness Center.

The vote is only open to people who live in Casselton.

The school is going to start building as soon as classes are out for the summer.

The town will have to wait for voting results to see if a wellness center will be a part of that process.

Not all are convinced the expansion is necessary.

“Everybody would be paying for this fitness center and we already have a fitness center over at the Governors Inn,” said Nelson.

Local business owners told KVRR that they think a  community wellness center funded by taxpayer dollars may hurt existing businesses.

Others are worried that people aren’t even aware of what is at stake.

“I haven’t really heard much about the thing overall, and the one percent, it hasn’t really been on the radar too much,” Nelson added.

“Hopefully we can get people informed,” said Anderson. “We’ll have a meeting on Thursday for that purpose.”

The vote takes place on March 21st.

The meeting with more information is on Thursday at the Central Cass School at 7 p.m. in the media room.

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