Interview: Finding the Perfect Prom Fit at CCRI

A local organization is giving those with disabilities that chance

MOORHEAD, Minn. — There’s something about getting dressed to the nines and feeling like a star.

A local organization is giving those with disabilities that chance.

Donations were collected throughout the community so everyone has a chance to shine in the perfect prom night outfit.

KVRR reporter Shiina LoSciuto talked with organizers of CCRI’s Night to Remember.

SHINNA LOSCIUTO: Sometimes, getting ready for prom and everything leading up to the big moment is just as fun as the big night.  CCRI hosts prom every year for the people they support and everyone gets to pick out their own special outfit. I’ve been here for a few hours now and I’ve seen people pick out their dream dresses and outfits. The office transformed into a boutique. Where did all the dresses come from?

TASHA DULLEA, PROM COMMITTEE SPECIALIST: People around the community have come in and donated all of their prom dresses, bridal dresses, formal wear and we get to put them all together and they get to come in and pick out their perfect dress for their perfect night.

SL: When is prom and how can they narrow down their dress selection? There are so many!

TD: Prom is May 30th at the Marriott in Moorhead.  For the dresses, we just go by colors, styles…we bring down all the dresses they might try on and when they find the one. It’s just remarkable.

SL:  It looks like they get the perfect fit as well.

TD:  Yes, we have a volunteer seamstress who comes in an alters the dresses and then we send them to the dry cleaner.

CCRI is accepting donations for dresses and formal wear as well as shoes and jewelry.

If you would like to help, you can drop them off at CCRI’s Moorhead location.

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