Sanford Introduces New Facility’s Helipad

The AirMed team tested their first helicopter landing

FARGO, N.D. — Another exciting ‘first’ kicks off at Sanford’s new hospital.

Sanford’s AirMed team began its first test landings and approaches at the new facility’s helipad.

Sanford AirMed is an ambulance service that provides medical transport for critically ill or injured patients.

They have a 40 year history and have flown more than 70,000 patients.

Team members say they’re looking forward to the change the new helipad will give them.

“We have a little bit more open space. The old hospital pad on the Broadway center, the hospital walls were really close to the aircraft so you get a lot of buffeting and have to deal with that while flying the helicopter. This pads a little larger and it’s not as close to the hospital so it’ll be a little easier landing,” said Lead Pilot Chad Erickson.

The AirMed crew will officially be stationed at the new Sanford hospital on May 1st and begin delivering patients on July 25th.

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