Demonstrators March to Raise Awareness for Climate Change

The People's march took over the nation and downtown Fargo

FARGO, N.D., — Thousands of people were marching for climate change across the nation.

Hundreds took over the streets of downtown Fargo, marching for our air, water and land.

It’s part of the People’s Climate March, a nationwide movement to shed light on climate change.

They’re saying we only have one planet to live on, and it’s our job to preserve it.

“We don’t have another one to go to right now, hopefully Mars one day that’d be fantastic but right now this is the only home we have,” said Chase Kerber, UND student.

“I think it’s just a crucial time in our world right now and we need to protect what we have,” said Alice Christianson.

Their signs said things like “There’s no Planet B” and “Get real, climate change is no hoax.”

These marchers want people denying climate change to open their eyes.

“People all over the world and in this country and politicians who evidently do not believe that’s not the case, but we have to stand up for our planet,” said Rosemary Jones.

They’re marching for issues they say affects the world now, but they’re also here for future generations.

“I’m a grandmother, but even if I didn’t have children or grandchildren, I’d be out here,” said Christianson.

“I think for future generations they should have every opportunity that previous generations had,” said Kerber.

They say spreading awareness is just as important as working towards solutions.

“After this march I’d like to see more people marching right into the members of Congress, taking action in their own backyards and pressuring their state legislators,” said one marcher.

“If you like the planet, then it’s probably pretty important,” said Kerber.

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