Congressmen Peterson Speechless Over Racist Minnesota GOP Facebook Post

A social media post on the Minnesota GOP attacking congressmen peterson has one person out of a job

MINNESOTA — A Minnesota GOP member has resigned over a Facebook post aimed at Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson.

The post that was quickly deleted included racist remarks toward Congressman Keith Ellison.

The post took many by surprise, including locals and has one person out of a job.

“Normally, the content they put out is genuine and professional,” said Thomas Manninen, the President of the MSUM College Republicans.

The person who put out the post was not just an everyday internet user.

The post was made by the official Facebook page of the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party.

“It’s just so outrageous and off the wall that I don’t even know what to say,” said Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson.

The Facebook post attacking Congressman Peterson for taking Congressman Keith Ellison has left him speechless.

“It’s just beyond comment,” he said in an interview with KFGO Radio. “That picture is from two years ago. Why this guy decided to do this now, I have no idea.”

The post is captioned saying things like Ellison is “anti–white and racist”.

It also includes anti–Muslim comments.

“This was insulting,” said Fauzia Hader, who is a board member with the Center of Interfaith Project. “Especially the reference to goat humping. I don’t even know where that comes from.”

Fauzia also serves on the F-M Refugee Advisory Council.

“It’s just completely out of line,” Rep. Peterson added.

The chair of the Minnesota Republican Party responded, saying the hate speech in no way reflects the organization.

She asked the person who posted the message to resign immediately.

Read the party’s official statement here.

“This is something that causes problems for groups like ours and Republicans across the country,” said Manninen.

As a practicing Muslim and Democrat, it was something Hader found disappointing.

“There’s a Republican in the White House,” she said.

This situation has young Republicans worried that it puts a bad name on the party as whole.

“I reacted with the same reaction I’m guessing most people had with the disgust and confusion,” Manninen said.

He said he hopes people understand the situation reflects only one person.

“We want people to succeed based on who they are, regardless of race, religion, or any immutable characteristic outside of who they want to be and what they want to do in life,” said Manninen.

The MSUM College Republicans are working on becoming recognized by the state party.

They have already started reaching out to lawmakers, including Congressman Peterson.

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