MSUM School of Journalism Honors Marcil Family with Dedication

President Blackhurst hopes to continue this collaboration for at least 100 more years

MOORHEAD, Minn. — MSUM’s School of Journalism made a dedication which honors 100 years of local storytelling.

Students unveiled a wall dedicated to the Marcil Center for Innovative Journalism.

Forum Communications Chairman William Marcil, Sr. and his wife Jane were there to see it for themselves.

University officials say the center helps keep them on the cutting edge of the industry using new media platforms.

“The wall will ensure that future generations of journalists understand and appreciate the impact of the Marcil family and continue that impact for at least another 100 years,” said MSUM President Anne Blackhurst.

This collaboration started in 2013 when the Marcil family donated $1 million dollars to MSUM to support its journalism programs and scholarships.

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