It’s “Go Time” for Area Farmers

Warmer weather and proper soil conditions make this week the optimal time for planting

CASS COUNTY, ND — It’s “go time” for many area farmers and they’re getting into the fields to start another growing season.

Now that May has started, and with temperatures in the seventies for much of the next seven days, many North Dakota farmers believe that this is the best time to start the planting process.

“It’s go time,” said Jacob Maurer, from the Cass County Extension Office.

Those are the words echoing across the rural North Dakota.

Many farmers have been gearing up for the growing season, waiting for the right time to pull the trigger.

For many that time is now.

“All of the decisions have already been made,” said Maurer. “We’re ready to pick up our seed from the dealer, our fertilizer, we’re out there, we’re filling tanks. We’re out there and we’re putting stuff in the ground right now pretty hot and heavy.”

The weather is expected to be warm over the next several days and the current soil conditions have made now the optimal time to plant.

“The soil moisture, or the availability of moisture for the seed, we’re looking for a temperature of 50 degrees or better and days that will allow the soil moisture to stay above at least 45 degrees on a very consistent basis,” said Maurer.

Some farmers have been hesitant to plant until now because a cold rain could limit a crop’s yield potential.

“If you get those rains, that cold rain into the seed, you’ve just knocked yield off,” said Joe Morken, who is president of the North Dakota Soybean Council. “You only get one chance to put it in right, but yet there’s also the saying that it doesn’t grow if it’s still in the bag, so you got to pull the pin sometime.”

For many crops like corn, planting early is vital to maximizing the growing season.

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