NDSU Students Optimistic for the Future After Graduation

NDSU held their 2017 Spring Commencement Graduation Ceremony

FARGO, N.D. — It’s the last day of graduation for Fargo-Moorhead universities.

“I feel a little bit tired right now but pretty good,” said NDSU’s Student Body President, Spencer Moir.

“I feel awesome!” said NDSU Graduate, Dustlynn Kaine.

“Pretty good, finally done after several years,” said NDSU Graduate, Ethan Ihlenfeld.

Thousands of proud parents lined the Fargodome to watch their kids cross the stage and get their ticket to the future.

“I’m really happy for my son. He’s finally finished today,” said NDSU Parent, Cizrina Moi.

“Oh, we are so proud of him. It is so awesome. And this has been a really great school for him,” said NDSU Parent, Donna Ihlenfeld.

After long nights of studying and maybe a little partying, students say they’re eager to get out in the real world.

“I’m really thankful to be able to go to Washington State to the naval shipyard and work on super cool ships and submarines for the Navy,” said Moir.

“I went for elementary ed, so hopefully I’ll have my own classroom and teach the little ones and make a difference in their lives,” said Kaine.

“Looking for a job down here or in the Twin Cities as a transportation engineer,” said Ihlenfeld.

Governor Doug Burgum made a special appearance.

He spoke to the graduates about his time as a Bison and even gave a few career tips.

“I think it was all very relevant information and he is on the cutting edge of technology and basically the economy of our state so I think the things he said were important for us to know as we go out into the workforce,” said Moir.

“I loved it. Something that’s going to stick with me,” said Kaine.

“It was pretty good. Got to know his whole life story.  Oh I liked it. He did a really good job,” said Ihlenfeld.

As students embark on life journeys, they say they’ll never forget the once in a lifetime experience as an NDSU Bison.

“I’ve had some chance to reflect of the past four years these past few weeks and it has been an awesome experience,” said Moir.

“This is a major accomplishment,” said Kaine.

“Go Bison!” said Moir.

“I’m happy I graduated!” said Moir.

A total of 1,420 professional and undergraduate students received their diplomas at commencement.

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