100 Deadliest Days for Drivers on Minnesota Roads

Statistics Show The Highest Amount of Deadly Car Crashes Occur Between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend

MINNESOTA — Memorial Day through Labor Day is usually celebrated by most as summer, but to the Minnesota State Patrol, this time period is known as the 100 Deadliest Days for Drivers.

“Statistically speaking, this is when we see most of our serious injury and fatal crashes is right between the Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend,” said Sgt. Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota State Patrol. “This does not need to be our reality if people just make those smart choices.”

Sgt. Grabow said the warmer weather contributes to the crashes.

“I think what happens during this time of the year is you have a lot of clear sunny days,” he said. “Roads are dry. It kind of lolls people into that false sense of security and with that being said, they start driving a little faster. The more speed you put in a crash, the more violent it becomes and the more violent it becomes, the greater risk you have for serious injury or death.”

We talked to one driver who just made a cross country trip.

“We left Tacoma on Sunday so that would be a less traveled time on the weekend and yesterday we were coming through western Montana and into Bismarck and there was no problem,” said Donna Arbaugh of Tacoma, Washington.

It’s also important to be aware of other drivers on the road.

“Even though you yourself may be a really good driver, you share the roadways with a number of these other people that are making these poor choices,” explained Sgt. Grabow. “Such as impaired driving and distracted driving. It just comes down to a choice each and every time we get in that vehicle.”

Sgt. Grabow also said having a co–pilot on a long car ride this summer can help prevent distraction by electronic maps while driving.

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