New Life Center Holds Meal at the Mission

This shelter caters to men struggling with different life issues and their mission is to help people who are homeless and hurting

FARGO, ND — People struggle every day from homelessness and painful living conditions.

In Fargo, one shelter is not only getting people off the streets but helping them build a new lifestyle.

Whether you’re starting from a blank slate or trying to fix the past, the New Life Center offers services to help.

This shelter caters to men struggling with different life issues and their mission is to help people who are homeless and hurting.

“We help people go from merely surviving to truly thriving,” said Rob Swiers, who is the executive director of the New Life Center.

In order to make this true for many of the users, the organization needs all of the help they can get.

“We also need the community support,” said Swiers.

The center holds Meal at the Mission once a month to introduce outside community members to all of the opportunities inside the building.

“They hear a little bit about our history and our current programs, and then we take a tour of the building and almost every tour I have someone come away saying wow I didn’t realize you guys did all of that.”

With new renovations in place, an expansion of their medical program, and a hope to help more people build a strong future, they need the community’s involvement.

Volunteers are in high demand and so are household donations.

“If you use it in your house, we use it in our house…only in larger quantity,” added Swiers.

The community’s help would provide an opportunity to expand many of the programs already in place and help launch a bunch of new ones.

The New Life Center gives men an opportunity at a second chance.

But in order to reside here, you must be taking steps forward.

It is not just about getting people off of the streets.

The shelter feels a necessity to teach them how to manage a lifestyle.

“We want to be intentional about that life transformation and at the same time hold men accountable to work on things they say they want help working on,” said Swiers.

The New Life Center is ready to welcome community efforts to help these people start their new life chapter.

The shelter has provided over forty-two thousand nights of lodging to 117 guests per night, over eighty-one thousand community meals and has saved the community $1.4 million worth of uninsured hospitalization days.

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