People Line Up Outside Sen. Hoeven’s Office Protesting Senate Health Care Bill

Indivisible FM held a pop–up protest to encourage him to vote against the Senate health care bill

FARGO, ND — Concerned citizens gathered in front of Sen. Hoeven’s Fargo office to make their voices heard about the Republican health care bill.

Voting on the bill has been delayed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The Senate health care bill is causing concern for people in North Dakota and they are reaching out to their senators for answers.

“Trying to get Senator Hoeven’s attention,” said Cheryl Schaefle, team organizer of Indivisible FM. “In fact, we’ve been trying to get Senator Hoeven to do a town hall for months now and have no response whatsoever.”

Indivisible FM held a pop–up protest to encourage him to vote against the Senate health care bill.

“If he’s going to be deciding our health care issues, then he should at least be hearing from us,” Cheryl said.

The group said they are a grassroots organization of people taking focused and nonviolent action against political agendas.

“It [the bill] can be tweaked. You don’t have to repeal the whole thing,” Cheryl said.

If the bill is passed, many feel that millions of Americans will struggle with higher costs and less coverage.

Individuals who currently receive their health care from Medicaid were at the protest.

“Please know that if this bill passes, it will be an act of murder,” said Samantha Chase, who is a care provider. “Whether unintentional or not. I’ve had to fight for my freedom my entire life. Now, here I am again, having to fight another battle.”

More than 60 people showed up in front of Senator Hoeven’s office to express their concerns for the Senate health care bill and how it will affect them.

“Senator Hoeven, this isn’t a matter of Republican or Democrat side of the aisle, or the right or the left,” said Samantha. “It’s a simple matter of right and wrong.”

Others in the crowd feel a different way.

“I’m one of them who actually believes, who wants the repeal of what they call the Affordable Care Act,” said Lester Vergh, who is from out of state and saw the protest happening. “As far as the protesting goes, to tell you the truth, I think Donald Trump has brought a lot of joy to people because all these guys are happy over here.”

Senator Hoeven released a statement explaining there is work that needs to be done in order to provide greater access to health care and more affordable health insurance.

Senator Heitkamp said the bill is not an improvement and the Senate bill is just as bad as the bill the House passed.

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