Three Arrested After Alleged Armed Robbery at Fargo Hotel

Two were arrested at the hotel, but not for the armed robbery

FARGO, ND — Fargo Police have charged one man in connection to an armed robbery at a hotel early this morning.

Kashif Grant, 27, was arrested and charged with armed robbery after police responded to a disturbance at the Quality Inn at the 1400 block of 35th Street South.

Two others were also arrested at the hotel, but not for the armed robbery.

Just before four o’clock in the morning, Fargo Police responded to a call of a possible armed robbery at the Quality Suites on 35th Street.

“Victim said he was standing out, I believe having a cigarette, and was approached by an individual with a gun,” said Fargo Deputy Chief Joe Anderson.

After arriving on the scene, police started looking for two suspects.

“We were looking for two African-American males that had been believed ran into the Quality Suites – into one of the rooms – the area was locked down,” said Deputy Chief Anderson. “At some point, Investigations was contacted and a search warrant was written.”

The police search kicked many of the hotel’s guests onto the street.

“Had to put on my clothes, grab my backpack, come downstairs, and I’m seeing squad cars all over this building along the side of the road,” said hotel guest Dante Pirtle.

The search warrant did not find anything connected to the alleged armed robbery.

“Prior to that search warrant, we had detained about six to seven individuals,” said Deputy Chief Anderson. “Some of those individuals had warrants.”

Mohamed Mohamed and Sadak Sharif Isac were arrested on outstanding warrants not related to the armed robbery.

The hotel went back to its normal operations just after ten o’clock this morning.

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