State Leaders Would Like All Students to Have Vaccines up to Date

A North Dakota state law requires all students to have their immunizations in order to attend school

FARGO, ND — The new school year is just around the corner and parents are being encouraged to get their kids in for vaccines a little early.

The North Dakota Department of Health wants to make sure that students’ immunizations are up to date.

State law requires that students meet minimum immunization requirements before they can attend school.

State leaders say that the law is in place to make sure the entire student body is safe from deadly diseases.

“To protect the students that are not immunized, that don’t have their immunizations,” said RN Amy Bowles, who is with Fargo Cass Public Health. “Make sure that they don’t get sick, get certain diseases and that they are not spreading it to other kids who aren’t able to get those vaccinations.”

Children in families who can’t afford required shots can get them through the Vaccines for Children Program.

For more information on required vaccines, click here.

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