Lawn Service Companies Adapt to Drought in F-M Area

Little rain wated leads places like Turf Tamers and All Terrain to focus on other company services

FARGO, ND — Your yard isn’t the only one trying to adapt to the drought conditions across the F-M area.

“It’s certainly not uncommon for us to slow down at this time of year,” said Matt Langemo, customer service representative at All Terrain. “We’re a full service company and so we have a lot of other ancillary services that keep us going.”

This shift in service is happening at places like All Terrain and Turf Tamers.

Because of the drought, lawn companies are actually doing less mowing.

Instead, they’re spraying, laying down mulch and edging sidewalks.

“It’s mainly shifting from areas of service,” said Mike Svaleson, owner of Turf Tamers. “So from our maintenance and mowing…you know we’re more mowing, but we’re mowing a little less.”

The rain doesn’t just help the grass.

Turf Tamers and All Terrain use it as a time to get caught up on other responsibilities.

“We get excited when we see moisture in the forecast,” Svaleson said. “I know our employees do because then they have days where they aren’t out in the field and they can get caught up on maintenance and stuff like that.”

The dry conditions may keep the grass down but it’s not stopping the weeds from growing.

“Weeds are very opportunistic and so people will see a lot of weeds, especially along the edges of their sidewalk and driveways,” Langemo said.

If you don’t want your weeds to be the only thing to grow, Langemo said you need to water wisely.

“Sprinkle your lawn, frequently. Water once or twice a week, but when you water, soak it. Try to do it early in the morning or late in the evening. It’s kind of a waste of time and money to be watering during the day, especially when it’s hot,” he said.

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