Fargo Cricket Club Hosts Red River Cup 2017

The competition will last two days against club from Winnipeg

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Cricket Club invited a Winnipeg team to the Red River Cup 2017 showdown.

These teams will play against each other for two days this weekend.  Fargo players invite Winnipeg’s Cosmos Cricket team to their tournament every year.

One Cosmos cricket member says he always enjoys playing against Fargo’s team because of their skill level.

“It is always fun to play against this team because this team has lots of good players,” Siddh Sheth, Cosmos cricket member said. “It definitely gives you good friendship ties, especially between the States and Canada and Fargo. So it is always fun to travel down to the States and to play against these amazing guys.”

Each team consists of 15 men.

People who missed the tournament can see it on Sunday at Riverwood Park.

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