The Big Iron Farm Show is Back in West Fargo

Big Iron has been the premier farm equipment show of the Midwest since 1980


WEST FARGO, ND— Big Iron has been the premier farm equipment show of the Midwest since 1980 and it is back at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo.

The three-day celebration has more than 900 exhibits and booths, as well as educational programs that provide insight on various topics.

Some are here to see the latest agricultural technology.

Others want the inside scoop on agribusiness.

For Aaron Daigh, a soil physics professor at NDSU, it’s all about creating an open dialogue with farmers in the area.

“They ask us a lot of questions and we provide some feedback, what we’ve seen evidence-wise and research and give them recommendations,” Daigh said. “We get to hear what kind of situations they encounter, so it’s really a mutual exchange back and forth trying to help each other.”

Since North Dakota is a state that relies so heavily on agricultural and the health of its crops, Big Iron serves as the perfect platform for starting these conversations.

“This is what extension is all about and what it’s for is to bring the research out to the people,” said extension agent Julianne Racine. “Workshops like this, I think, are extremely important because the producers who this impacts get to talk to the specialists and the experts that have done this research.”

Daigh said these conversations are even more important after this season’s drought.

“The drought this year has been pretty hard on farmers,” Daigh said. “Soil health is a big topic in this state where individuals have tried to build up their soils to be more resistant to these kinds of years where we have droughts and even years where we have excess moisture too.”

Daigh will hold this workshop on tile drainage both tomorrow and Thursday.

If you cannot attend, Racine said the information from these workshops can be found by calling your local extension agent or the NDSU Soil Department.

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