The Dangers of Binge Drinking in College

"It makes you remember that you're out to have fun but at the same time you're not out to hurt yourself or anyone else"

FARGO, ND — Taking that extra drink or shot can turn deadly.

“In the long run it’s the life we are trying to save,” said Don Martin, the Operations Manager with FM Ambulance.

College students tend to binge drink and think more about the moment than the consequences.

“What happens with college age they are playing drinking games, doing initiations, doing the different keg stands, or whatever they’re doing, they are consuming a high amount very quickly and that’s where the body can’t control,” said Martin.

“It makes you remember that you’re out to have fun but at the same time you’re not out to hurt yourself or anyone else,” said Gunnar Cowing, a freshman at NDSU.

Don Martin with FM ambulance says it is important pay attention to the people around you and not let danger go unnoticed.

“As a friend you’re watching, if you’re together, be safe, make decisions together as a group and go home together, whichever it is, to make sure everyone gets home safe and alive,” said Martin.

If something or someone seems out of place, health officials are stressing the importance of making a phone call to 911.

“Even if you know what you’ve been doing is wrong, even if you’ve been using drugs or alcohol or any dangerous things, you call 911 and make sure that people live through the incident,” said Gunnar.

Students I spoke to say like other college campuses, underage drinking happens.

“People kind of just want you to do what they’re doing and so their like you know just take a shot, just do it with me and you just have to kind of say no and know your limit,” said Alexis Miedlestead, a freshman at NDSU.

Binge drinking is considered five drinks in two hours for men and four drinks in two hours for women.

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