Greywind Family Retains High-Powered Attorney, Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

The Greywinds have hired Gloria Allred as their attorney in the murder case of Savanna Greywind

FARGO, ND — Brooke Crews was back in court.

Crews and William Hoehn are charged with the disappearance and murder of 22-year-old Savanna Greywind.

Greywind’s family has also retained a high-powered attorney.

“In count one, you’re charged with conspiracy to commit murder. In count two, you’re charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping,” Judge Frank Racek said. “In count three, you’re charged with false information to law enforcement.”

All eyes were on Brooke Crews as she listened to the charges against her.

Greywind’s mother, sister and family friends were among those staring intently at the woman who is accused of taking Savanna’s baby and her life.

Crews did not enter any pleas herself, so Racek filed them on her behalf.

“She has an absolute right to not make any statements to anybody and that is her choice at the present time and that’s on my advice,” said Crews’ attorney Steven Mottinger.

Mottinger says he advised his client to do so for a few reasons.

“Procedurally, that just puts us in the position one, where we’re able to get rest of the discovery material and two, make long term decisions in terms of how we’re going to proceed on this case,” Mottinger said.

The decision did not come as a surprise to the prosecution.

“It was what we expected, said Leah Viste, assistant Cass County State’s Attorney. “It’s common for a preliminary hearing to be waived and a not guilty plea to be entered. It’s the first time somebody who has been charged with a crime has an opportunity to enter a plea.”

However, Viste says the attention the case is receiving is new.

“This has certainly garnered the most interest worldwide that our office has seen,” Viste said.

The Greywind family has even retained nationally known attorney Gloria Allred.

Allred has represented a number of women in the Bill Cosby sexual misconduct case.

It was the packed courtroom for Crews’ hearing which represented the local attention to the case.

As the trial moves forward, Viste has some advice for people in the community.

“It’s important to watch each other’s backs and to be kind to one another and let’s not make too many snap judgements in this case and let it unfold, Viste said. “We have a good justice system here too and we’ll let it do its work.”

Hoehn’s lawyer entered not guilty pleas on the same charges on behalf of his client earlier this week.

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