SWAT Team, Fargo Police Respond to Disturbance at Radisson Hotel in Downtown Fargo

Fargo police called in the red river valley swat team for assistance

FARGO, ND — Shortly after nine this morning, police responded to the Radisson Hotel in downtown Fargo after reports of a man with a weapon.

The hotel was put on lockdown and some people were forced to leave their rooms.

John Winkelman didn’t get the answer he was expecting when he asked if his room was ready at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Fargo.

“The young woman said ‘yes, it is but we can’t check anyone in because we’re in lockdown,” Winkelman said.

Shortly after nine this morning, Fargo Police received a tip from an unknown caller, saying a man had barricaded himself inside a room on the seventh floor and possibly had a weapon.

“He had contacted somebody, whether it was family, friends, an acquaintance,” said Fargo Police Officer Jessica Schindeldecker. “I don’t have that information. Those individuals contacted the local sheriff’s office there and then contacted us.”

Police called the Red River Valley SWAT team to assist and evacuated the entire seventh floor.

“When there’s a barricaded individual that we’re unable to make contact with, and there’s a possible firearm, the SWAT team is going to be the best solution to use,” Officer Schindeldecker said.

It took nearly three hours before authorities were able to convince the man to surrender peacefully.

Authorities have not confirmed if the man had a weapon.

Winkelman said it didn’t startle him, despite the shootings in Las Vegas over the weekend.

“I did not think that because I’m used to Fargo and that’s really not the behavior you see around Fargo, North Dakota.”

But he said it also wouldn’t be anything completely out of the ordinary and it’s causing a lot of people across the country to speak up politically.

“I’m really in favor of greater gun control nationwide and it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was a gun issue,” Winkelman added.

He said what was most shocking to him was the way Radisson employees calmly handled the situation.

“I thought they did quite well,” Winkelman said. “The people, the staff people were not the least bit nervous, very friendly and just explained that it was under lockdown.”

The man was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation.

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