The United Way Teams Up with Volunteers to Help Seniors on Annual Day of Caring

volunteers helped out with all kinds of household chores

FARGO, ND — The United Way’s annual Day of Caring paired volunteers with more than 470 senior citizens to help out with household chores.

Some companies, such as Microsoft, have been volunteering for years to lend a helping hand.

Muriel Domm moved into her home two years ago because she said it was time to downsize.

“My kids laugh at me because they say ‘you didn’t downsize,'” Domm said.

Even with a smaller house, she said she still could use the extra help to get some stuff done.

That’s why she asked for help on the United Way’s Day of Caring.

“It was just something I thought I rather do this than lean on my friends,” she said.

More than 1,700 volunteers from around the metro to help senior citizens do household chores.

Team members from Microsoft helped out Domm.

“They’re pretty no nonsense. It’s nice. You get things done,” said volunteer Mary Zoss.

Zoss has volunteered multiple years and said she sometimes will still try to check up on other seniors she’s helped.

“We volunteered at the same senior’s home multiple years in a row,” Zoss said. “So around this time of year, I always want to check in and just make sure that the tradition continues.”

She said the experience is much more than volunteering.

“When you go out multiple times to the same senior’s home, you build a relationship,” Zoss said. “After the first year, you know how she likes things done as far as hanging the storm windows and cleaning out the garden.”

Aside from getting help around the house, Domm said she also gains something else.

“People in North Dakota and in the Fargo area are very friendly and very helpful,” Domm said. “If you find that you need help, they’re right there. You find if you walk down the street, and you smile at somebody, they smile back.”

She gained some new lifelong friends too.

United Way had to prepare their website weeks before people registered as volunteers, so it wouldn’t crash from all the traffic it received.

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