Trump Administration Leaves United Nations Cultural Agency

The decision was a natural part of the administration's nationalistic agenda

FARGO, ND — The Trump Administration has decided to leave a United Nations cultural agency.

Officials said they made the decision to leave on its “anti–Israel” stance.

The Trump Administration decided to leave UNESCO – or the UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The organization’s stated mission is to promote literacy, freedom of the press and equality for women.

UNESCO has criticized Israel for its alleged human rights violations.

“Israel has extended their reach into the occupied territories by building settlements and UNESCO has come out very strongly against that,” said Thomas Ambrosio, political science professor at NDSU.

According to Pressor Ambrosio, in spite of UNESCO’s stated Mission, the United States’ decision to leave the organization was based on UNESCO’s stance over Israel.

“The argument that the United Nations uses is that Palestinian refugees have a right to return to Israel – to the territory that was Israel prior to 1948,” said Ambrosio.

According to Ambrosio, UNESCO has gone beyond its intended purpose, and the US leaving is in response to that overreach.

“I think that UNESCO is another example where the United States has said enough is enough and UNESCO has become too anti–Israel and not doing what it’s supposed to do,” said Ambrosio.

Ambrosio insists that local New Americans should not be too alarmed by recent developments, but the decision is a part of a response against global immigration.

Ambrosio says the United States is trying to change things on an international level.

“So by the United States pulling out, we’re pulling out our money as well, and the idea here is to send a message and try to get some change in the United Nations,” said Ambrosio.

The U.S. rejoined UNESCO in 2003 before dropping its funding of the organization in 2011.

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