Five North Dakota Tribal Nation Flags Added to the Fargo Air Museum

the goal is to educate North Dakotans about the state's Native American culture

FARGO, ND — Five North Dakota Tribal Nations have presented the Fargo Air Museum with a new gift.

The nations presented their flags to air museum officials to be hanged so visitors to the tourist attraction can learn a little more about North Dakota’s Native American culture.

One tribal leader says he has tried to put the flags in the state capitol the last four sessions but has been unsuccessful.

He says he realized he didn’t need a bill to educate people about his tribe’s heritage, and added them to the museum because it’s a spot in town that gets a lot of traffic.

“My next step is notifying all the tribes and ask them to do a pamphlet for each one of the flags. They may already have them. So when people come here, they can pick up the pamphlet and understand better what our flags really mean to the nations,” said District Nine Senator Richard Marcellais.

Marcellais says the tribes are hoping education will continue throughout schools in North Dakota because they have to have cultural programs in the curriculum.

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