County Officials Want Your Vehicle to Be Ready For Winter Weather

Experts say you should have more than a warm change of clothes in your vehicle

FARGO, N.D. — Winter weather is likely to return to the valley this weekend.

Experts want to make sure you’re ready when snow covers roadways.

You may want to do more than just pack an extra layer of warm clothes.

In recent years, climate change has caused winter–time temperatures to increase by nearly a degree per year, which may lead to a reduction in traditional winter weather.

“Last year we had only two blizzards, the previous year we had only one, and previous year we didn’t have any,” said Dr. Adnan Akuyz, North Dakota State Climatologist.

The Metro could see an increase of mixed wintry precipitation.

“We’re going to be familiar with liquid precipitation in the winter time,” said Akuyz.

And this liquid precipitation may cause more problems than blizzards.

“Freezing rain, which is much more dangerous than the snowfall danger,” said Akuyz.

Experts say that before you hit the roads this winter, you should prepare for bad weather by filling a bag full of hats, gloves, scarves, boots and warm pants and pack them in your car.

In addition to cold–weather clothing, shovels, road flares and jumper cables should also be included in your vehicle.  Experts also say if you plan on taking a trip, you should let others know what roads you’re taking and the time you’re expected.

“Tell people where you are going, make sure that your route is well–planned.  If you are going to work, make sure you tell people what route you are taking, especially in stormy weather.  If you are going to be driving out of town, make sure people are aware of that,” said Leon Schlafmann, Fargo Emergergency Services Coordinator.

Schlafmann urges drivers that arriving safe is what matters.

“We just need to be prepared.  We need to be safe and we need to slow down and take it easy as we head into this winter season,” said Schlafmann.

Experts also say you should avoid using cell phones while driving and keep hands on the steering wheel at all times.

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