Fergus Falls City Officials Working to Keep Target Location Open

the store is supposed to close this february

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — As we reported last night, Target in Fergus Falls will close nest year.

City officials and members of the community are working to keep the doors from shutting on February 3.

Marilyn Olhoft drives 40 miles to get to the nearest Target.

Now that the retail chain is closing its Fergus Falls location, she’ll have to drive even further just to find the store.

“That’s kind of disheartening, especially because you know, we’re getting older,” Olhoft said.

It’s not just shoppers that will be affected by the closing.

More than 90 employees will be left without a job.

That is, unless Mindy Christianson has anything to say about it.

Christianson started a petition for her mother, who was supposed to retire from Target in 18 months, and for all the other employees who have their jobs on the line.

Since starting it last night, the petition has gained more than 8,000 signatures.

“This would just be a big blow to our community,” Christianson said. “We have people coming in from neighboring towns that come in to shop, get gas, go out to eat. I just feel there’s more than can be done before they decide to close their doors for good.”

City officials say they are exploring any and all options to keep the store open.

“I’ve been reaching out to various leads at the Target Corporation throughout yesterday and today,” said City Administrator,¬†Andrew Bremseth. “We just want to sit down with them and tell them why they should reconsider their decision.”

A Target spokesperson says all eligible store team members will have the option to relocate to a different store location.

Some say that’s not always easy.

“That’s a pretty tough decision for a mom or a dad to make, whose job is in Target, to say to their kids, you know, we’re going to up and move the family when their roots are in this community,” said Fergus Falls Mayor Ben Schierer.

That’s why Schierer says he’s going to do everything he can for them.

“From so many different perspectives, it’s a loss,”¬†Schierer said.¬†“We’re going to do everything we can to fight, to get Target headquarters in Minneapolis to reevaluate their decision.”

The Target in Hastings, Minnesota is also set to close in February.

If you would like to take a look at the petition, click here.

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