Moorhead School Board’s Newest Member Thanks Supporters

she will begin her position on the moorhead school board at the end of the month

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Kara Gloe says she’s glad all the work has paid off after winning her seat on the Moorhead School Board.

Gloe came out on top out of a field of 13 candidates for the one year term on the board.

She says her family was a huge help because her daughters went door to door with her to get votes and her husband picked up more slack around the house.

Gloe says many voters told her they wanted better staffing at Moorhead schools, which is why she says that is her top priority.

“I would like to see more counselors, more social workers, more paras in classrooms, more special education teachers, more gifted and talented teachers,” Gloe said. “More folks in our schools so that our teachers can focus on teaching.”

Gloe works for the city of Fargo as the Community Development Assistant.

She’ll officially take her seat on the Moorhead School Board at the end of the month.

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