Prairie Roots Co-op Celebrates Season’s Harvest

Produce for $1 ended at 8 p.m.

FARGO, ND — Prairie Roots Co-op is celebrating their local farmers and the recent harvest from this season by selling produce for $1.

They partnered up with local farmers who had left over produce from the season.

Staff at the co-op say this is a chance to thank their customers and the farmers for all they do, not a chance for the store to profit.

The store has an array of different things on sale from apples to pears to sparkling sodas.

“Most of our farmers, the only tools that they use are their own two hands,” said Jodi Regan, who is with Prairie Roots Co-op. “It’s really a beautiful thing working with nature to provide us with this bountiful harvest. We just really appreciate them so we want to share that!”

Produce for $1 ended at 8 p.m.

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