Armed Man Surrenders After Hours-Long Standoff with Fargo Police

Neal Gerbais, who has lived in Fargo for much of his life, says today was the first time he's ever gotten a Code Red from police for something like this

FARGO, ND — Tense moments for a neighborhood in north Fargo.

Police swarmed the area after reports of a man with a gun at an apartment building.

It was several hours before Fargo Police were able to de-escalate the situation on the 500 block of Forest Ave. N, but police were able to convince Amar Kovacevic to surrender and they took him into custody without anyone getting hurt.

Neal Gerbais, who has lived in Fargo for much of his life, says today was the first time he’s ever gotten a “code red” from police for something like this.

“I get it for the flood and everything,” Gerbais said. “That’s the first time that the Fargo Police said ‘stay in your apartment, don’t go out outside.'”

Police issued the warning after 23-year-old Amar Kovacevic went to an acquaintance’s home at the 2900 block of Broadway N.

When he was asked to leave, police say Kovacevic pulled out a handgun and threatened a male victim.

“The victim, in this case, fled the residence and came to the 500 block of Forest Avenue,” said Fargo Deputy Chief, Ross Renner. “A suspect followed him to this residence and confronted him once again with a handgun. The victim in this case, once again, fled the area.”

Kovacevic then barricaded himself in the apartment building and police quickly got others to safety.

Police say the armed man then stayed on the main floor, but hid in a closet in the bedroom.

When the SWAT team’s attempt at negotiating Kovacevic’s surrender failed, they sent in a robot to talk.

“They were able to make contact with the male inside, communicate with him and after communicating with him for a little bit, he decided to surrender,” said Fargo Sgt. Travis Moszer.

Kobe Oldrock says he didn’t expect to return home to a swarm of blue outside his home.

He says all he could think about was his mom.

“It was kind of hard because I wasn’t sure if she was okay or not,” Oldrock said. “She was with her friends and she was safe with them.”

Gerbais says it’s times like these that show how much north Fargo is changing.

“Different things, strange things like the Greywind incident,” Gerbais said. “Then there was a guy down by Gate City Bank, around that area, that stabbed somebody. I was born and raised in Fargo and I mean it’s changed. It’s getting too big. It’s like Minneapolis now.”

Investigators say they found a nine millimeter handgun in the home where Kovacevic surrendered.

He was taken to Cass County jail and is facing charges of burglary, terrorizing and felon in possession.

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