Conservative Street Art Group Adds Groping Sen. Franken to L.A. Billboard

As for the photos, he says he doesn't remember all of them but he may have "crossed a line" for some women

LOS ANGELES — The photo of Senator Franken allegedly groping news anchor Leeann Tweeden in 2006 was spotted on a billboard in Los Angeles.

The billboard was put up in the Palms neighborhood Thursday morning but was removed only hours later.

A conservative street art group, who goes by the name “UnsavoryAgents” claimed responsibility for the display.

A spokesperson for the group says by putting up the billboard, they were hoping to send a strong message.

“We just don’t want these elitists, these people in their ivory towers who are constantly looking down their nose, you know, at the working class – not just the normal people,” the spokesperson said. “We don’t want them to just be able to do a press conference and get away with it.”

Senator Franken says he is cooperating with any possible ethics investigations that are looking into the allegations.

As for the photos, he says he doesn’t remember all of them but he may have “crossed a line” for some women.

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