Windbreak Saloon Named Most “Ubered-to” Destination in North Dakota

Mall of America is the most popular destination in Minnesota, Rocking R Bar in Montana

FARGO, ND — The Windbreak Saloon will no longer be known just for its music, drink specials and games.

The restaurant and bar can now add “most Uber-ed to” destination in North Dakota to its description.

“It gets really rowdy and busy so there’re taxi cabs. There’s everybody lined up here when I get off of work,” said Krsti Severson.

Severson just started going to the bar last year, but says it became her go-to destination early on when she couldn’t find anywhere else like it.

“The bartenders get you going. They have bands. They have drink specials,” she said. “It’s an awesome place to go. Since they have all these drink specials, it’s the only bar I really go to.”

Dan Haglund was one of the first Uber drivers when Fargo started offering the ridesharing service.

He says he’s not surprised the Windbreak came in first.

“It’s one specific place and it’s quite a ways away from everything else whereas in total, there’s so many bars downtown that one specific bar wouldn’t get that much attention,” Haglund said.

Saturday nights are when Haglund says he’s the busiest, especially around NP Avenue.

“All of us Uber drivers know it’s like hornets around a nest on Saturday night. It’s just crazy,” he said.

Some say it’s just nice to hear people are calling Uber instead of getting behind the wheel.

“At least they’re taking the responsibility when they drink to leave their car parked or call a taxi or whatever,” Severson said.

“You don’t want people to be running around when it’s zero degrees out and not being able to get home and then taking the risk of possibly driving while they’re over the limit,” Haglund said.

So whether you’re saying bottoms up at the Windbreak or anywhere else in the state, it’s best to make sure you’re getting home safe.

The most popular Uber destination in Minnesota is Mall of America.

It’s the Rocking R Bar in Bozeman, Montana.

Uber is not available in South Dakota.

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