United Blood Services: We Need Your Help

United Blood Services takes appointments but also welcomes walk-ins

FARGO, ND — During the holiday season, there is a 40 percent decrease in the amount of people donating blood.

The cold weather is making those numbers even lower.

United Blood Services is asking for the community to help by spending an hour of their time to donate blood.

During bad weather, more trauma accidents seem to happen and there’s a need for more blood.

Matt Walstad, with United Blood Services, says in his opinion, most people don’t donate because they are never asked.

“This is me officially asking,” Walstad said. “We need people to donate. We service over 70 hospitals within North and South Dakota and Western Minnesota. We’re the sole blood supplier. The biggest thing that I like to remind people during the holiday season and with New Year’s coming up is if you’re looking for a great New Year’s resolution or an opportunity to help the community, donate blood.”

United Blood Services takes appointments but also welcomes walk-ins.

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