City to Demolish Empty House Next Month in South Fargo

they say the house is too dangerous to live in and getting rid of it will improve the neighborhood

FARGO, N.D. — After receiving many complaints from neighbors about 1410 1st Avenue South, the City of Fargo inspections department has decided to demolish the house.

When the previous owner died, people broke in and started living there.

The city considers the building dangerous and will demolish it to improve the neighborhood.

Anyone who may be interested in the building will have a month and a half until the city takes it down.

“We don’t go really looking for these. Sometimes if we notice it’s dangerous, we’ll take action ourselves. It’s pretty much based on complaints from neighbors and we will act on every complaint,” said Bruce Taralson, inspections administator with the City of Fargo.

If no one buys the home, the City of Fargo will have to pay for the demolition and add the cost to the property.

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