NDSU Is Preparing Students for the Future

The university is helping its students be a step ahead in a competitive job search.

FARGO, ND — NDSU students are starting their job searches but the big questions lingers…where do they begin?

The university is helping their students be a step ahead in this competitive job search.

Transitioning from college to the working world is one of the hardest challenges students face.

But NDSU is trying to take some of that load off their shoulders.

“They get a chance to not only talk to employers and practice talking professionally to employers but they actually learn about a vast variety of opportunities of the future,” said Mark Matthes, the Director of the Career Center at NDSU.

The annual career expo gives students a chance to learn more about different professions but also…

“Discover more about themselves and what might be fitting in the future,” said Matthes.

Students say at first it’s intimidating to speak to employers.

“But once you get used to it it’s a lot better and really really helpful,” said Sarah Corniea, a senior at NDSU.

It’s a different experience than blindly going into the job search.

“I’ve applied to quite a few internships online and they just never get back to you so you’re not really sure,” said Corniea.

One hundred eighty companies came from all over the country to the Fargodome, giving students a chance to meet professionals from other areas aside from Fargo-Moorhead.

“We do have a lot of employers that fly in here for this type of event and they recruit and we support that as well so we have companies coming in from all over the country recruiting,” said Matthes.

This is one of the biggest networking events the university offers, but it also does more than that…

“Just even walking around and seeing like oh I didn’t know that one was out there like they didn’t have anything posted,” said Corniea.

“Many of them walk away with internships in hand or at least opportunities to pursue those,” said Matthes.

Students may meet employers but do they obtain their end goal…a job?

“When student’s graduate we do ask them where do you find your jobs and many of them say they find them at this event,” said Matthes.

Many of the students are asked to do interviews with employers either the day of the expo or the day after for future internships or jobs.

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