NDSU Lends Helping Hand to United Blood Services

they collected 100 bags on the first day of the blood drive

FARGO, N.D. — NDSU students lent a helping hand to United Blood Services.

The university put on a two-day blood drive which started yesterday.
The purpose was to get all university athletic programs involved in giving back to the community.
More than 80 people donated yesterday and close to 100 donated today.
The goal was to collect 300 bags of blood.

“It’s a good habit to get into. People say it’s a civic duty. You never know when you’re going to need it and that’s how a lot of people actually get started is they know people who needed blood, needed a lot of units, so then they kind of have a moral obligation to kind of go to blood drives and donate,” said Brandon Ashburn with United Blood Services.

Ashburn says he was impressed to see so many students come donate blood despite how busy their schedules can get.

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