Fargo Public Works Clears Out Drains of Snow and Ice on Several Streets

Fargo Public Works say there are over 14,000 drains in the city that need to be emptied

FARGO, N.D. —¬†As the weather heats up, Fargo Public Works begins to clear the roads of large puddles.

There are over 14,000 drains that need to be cleared out throughout the city of Fargo.

Using a bulldozer, the city pushes aside snow and finds the drainage holes to clear out the water from the streets.

Until the process is complete, Fargo Public Works warns drivers that the roads will be full of puddles.

“When its warmer out, you’ll have puddling, and cars will have to potentially avoid that drive through some substantially large puddles,” said Steven Gee, a Crew Leader for Fargo Public Works.

Gee also says that if it snows again after the drains are cleared, then they would have to go back to the drain spots and clear them once again once the temperatures are warmer.

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