Weather Spotters Wanted

CoCoRaHS March Recruitment Drive

Do you think you have what it takes to be a weather spotter?

CoCoRaHS or the Community Collaborative, Rain, Hail, and Snow Network is having a recruitment drive all month long to find the next batch of weather observers.

Volunteers would measure and then record snow, hail, or rain amounts.

The data is then used by emergency managers, scientists, and farmers among other groups, and need more observers in areas that don’t often have accurate measurements.

“If you have a large region that has only one gauge, so the assumption is going to be that it represents that gap and usually we know that that is not the case, so the only way that we can prove that one area received less rainfall than the other, is if there is a gauge in that area,” explained North Dakota State Climatologist Dr. Adnan Akyuz.

The program does require the purchase of a low–cost rain gauge.

To join CoCoRaHS, click here.

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