80 Years of Comics: Action Comics Releases its 1,000th Issue

Comic book experts say it's rare for many comic book companies to ever get over 50 issues let alone accomplish this kind of achievement

FARGO, N.D. — Action Comics released its first comic book in 1938 with the first appearance of Superman.

80 years later, Action Comics is releasing its 1,000th issue. Comic book experts say it’s rare for  companies to ever get to 50 issues let alone accomplish this kind of achievement. To celebrate, Action Comics’ #1000 issue is available for $8, doesn’t have any ads and Superman has a big life event take place in the story line.

“It’s just a really cool, fun comic. You don’t have to have been reading Superman. You don’t have to be following Superman. Everybody knows what that big symbol on his chest is when they see it and everybody has a memory or understanding of something about Superman and this book has that story for you,” said Richard Early, owner of Paradox.

Fargo’s Paradox Comics-N-Cards will have a Free Comic Book Day on May 5th, which is their biggest event every year.



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