Brian Sokolovsky Wins Fargo Public School’s “Support Staff of the Year”

Delivery driver has worked with the district since 2014

FARGO, N.D. —┬áBrian Sokolofsky moves many school supplies across Fargo, but little did he know a new delivery would come his way.

Sokolofsky becomes the fifth recipient of Fargo Public Schools’ “Support Staff of the Year Award”, which recognizes an unsung hero who goes above and beyond for the school district.

“Brian’s personality, his work ethic, his compassion for people, and his whole approach to service and really doing a good job every day for us,” said Dr. Jeffrey Schatz, the Superintendent of Fargo Public Schools.

Sokolofsky started working for Fargo Public Schools in 2014, and he says he’s really happy to help the district in his role as a delivery driver.

“I’m very flattered and very humbled. I never thought that just getting up in the morning and being happy to go to work would turn into something like this,” said Sokolovsky.

Sokolovsky also helps with snow removal, and is often seen playing football with students during his lunch break.

Even with his victory, Sokolovsky says he isn’t the only support staff member that deserves some praise.

“There’s a lot of talented people in the district, I’m sure they won’t have a problem finding next year’s nominee,” said Sokolovsky.

Although the award celebrates his achievements up until this point, Sokolovsky says he will continue to help the district any way he can.

Fargo Public Schools will unveil its “Teacher of the Year” and “Administrator of the Year” in the coming weeks.

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