Local Business Leaders Urge Gov. Burgum to Sign Executive Order Upholding Net Neutrality

The FCC's repeal of Net Neutrality has already gone into effect

FARGO, N.D. — Local business leaders are calling on Gov. Doug Burgum to sign an executive order upholding the principles of Net Neutrality.

The FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality has just gone into effect.

Local business leaders, including two candidates for the state legislature, say everyone has the right to free and fair internet and without it, there are some real dangers.

One of them concerns internet companies being able to censor what people can and cannot see.

“We could see a world where some internet service providers’ political inclinations could affect what you’re allowed to see on the internet. Now, I don’t think we’re going to see that immediately and I hope we don’t see it, period. But the rules that would stop that from happening, we’re losing today and so that’s a slippery slope and dangerous place we could eventually go to,” said Brandon Medenwald, North Dakota House candidate.

Medenwald says North Dakotans will eventually have to pay more for high speed internet without the regulations.

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