West Fargo Canine and Handler Receive Brand New Squad Car

The two have been partners for seven years

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo’s Disco is a German shepherd who was born in Slovakia. But he was raised right here in West Fargo.

Not a day has gone by over the last seven years where he hasn’t worked with his best friend and handler Sgt. Pete Nielsen.

“You spend an awful lot of time your canine so you develop a very, very strong bond with them, so it’s very rewarding to come to work with him,” Sgt. Nielsen said.

But don’t let that adorable face and dangling tongue mislead you.

Disco takes on some big tasks for such a precious pup.

“He tracks missing people, he goes into buildings and apprehends individuals while they’re inside, he also searches for narcotics with his nose which is the main purpose he’s used for,” Sgt. Nielsen said.

The next time Disco and Sgt. Nielsen go on one of their missions together they’ll be riding in style.

The West Fargo Police Department recently surprised the two for all their hard work with a new 2018 Ford Explorer, equipped with all kinds of additional features for this dynamic duo.

“It has an alarm system inside the vehicle to alarm me if something has happened in the vehicle and the vehicle has stalled out or if I’ve forgotten to keep the car running and left Disco inside of the vehicle,” Sgt. Nielsen said.

The new SUV also comes with a door popper and a temperature control system helps to keep the vehicle below 80 degrees for Disco. If it goes over, the car does a few things to fix the temperature.

“The back windows will roll down automatically, this fan will kick in and the lights and sirens will go off along with a page that gets sent to me telling me that there’s something wrong,” Sgt. Nielsen said.

Nielsen says it’s important to have that kind of a feature when Disco spends time in the car all day.

But when a hard day’s work is over for Disco, he just enjoys his time being man’s best friend.

“He just liked to be pet like every other dog. He acts like a normal dog when he gets home,” Sgt. Nielsen said. “(He) does what dogs do, sleep, runs around the yard, sniffs. Chase a ball, play fetch, things like that.”

The West Fargo Police Department’s other canine is named Toshi who works the night shift.

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