NDSU Grad Has Musical Role in Commencement Ceremony

He received his master of music in trumpet performance

FARGO, N.D. — It’s that time of year again and congratulations are in order for the new graduates.

One graduate did more than just receive his diploma at North Dakota State University’s commencement ceremony.

Tony Sanders, who received his Master of Music in Trumpet Performance, also played in the band for the event.

“It’s exciting to be done and ready to move on to the next thing and start the next chapter,” he said.

He says he knew he wanted to go into music as early as junior high. Not only does he have experience playing, but he’s also gotten in front of the ensemble to conduct.

“It is really powerful because you realize it’s not just about what you yourself are doing, but how you’re able to offer music to other people. You can reach a lot of people with it,” he said.

Sanders says playing and conducting makes him a stronger musician.

“I feel like I have to reach outside of myself a little to teach the other musicians and help them sound the way they need to sound. As I try to become a better conductor, I also become a better musician in the process,” he said.

His advice to other music students is to always practice.

“Listen to other great musicians to get an idea of how you want to sound and be like, and look for great musical mentors,” he said.

He has a message for all graduates as well.

“Always look for ways to keep improving yourself, and never stop learning. And read. Reading is a great way to learn stuff and expose yourself to new things, the more you know the more you can impact lives of others,” he said.

Sanders says he plans to go to the University of North Carolina in the fall to get his doctorate in trumpet performance.

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