Man Arrested in South Fargo Drug Bust

Police seized several weapons and drugs during the raid

FARGO, N.D. — A man has been arrested after an early morning drug bust in South Fargo.

Fargo Police, the Cass County Drug Task Force, and the DEA executed a search warrant at 1019 4th Ave. South.

The Red River Valley SWAT Team was called to help because one of the suspects had a lengthy criminal history including violence.

“The SWAT team involved doesn’t happen very often– where the level of danger is where we have the SWAT team involved. That’s a few times a year. As far as a narcotics search warrant goes, we do those on a weekly basis at least, if not two or three a week,” Lt. Shannon Ruziska of the Fargo Police Department said.

One neighbor says he heard loud booms, even from a block away.

“There was one huge bang, and then there was another one maybe 20 minutes later, what didn’t sound like the same flash bang, maybe a door getting knocked in, I don’t know. Then I saw a SWAT crew vehicle, well I didn’t really see anything, but I heard it,” Matthew Florence said.

Four men and one juvenile male were inside the house, and the Narcotics Unit found a rifle, two handguns, 10 pounds of marijuana, possible heroin and meth, and about 6,000 dollars in cash.

19–year old Muhammad Abdul Shahid was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“A lot of drugs seized, a lot of weapons seized. There will be more investigation, possibly more charges for the other people or even the one person who was arrested,” Ruziska said.

Police say they’re trying to target the root of drug problem to get them off the street.

“There’s a drug problem in our community that we’ve talked about a lot, and our way of trying to solve that is do a search warrant to get to the people who are selling the drugs, not the users on the street,”Ruziska said.

Neighbors say they haven’t come across anything of this scale in the area.

“I’ve lived in this area several times, never had any problems with it or anything. It’s fairly surprising, I think it’s a nice safe neighborhood,” Florence said.

The case is still an ongoing investigation.

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