The West Fargo Fire Department Assists West Fargo Workers in Fire Safety

Employees from Ohnstad Twichell and Moore Engineering are preparing for emergency situations

WEST FARGO, N.D.–¬†West Fargo workers are setting things on fire, but don’t worry, they are putting them out!

Employees from Ohnstad Twichell and Moore Engineering are taking fire safety into their own hands. With the help of the West Fargo Fire Department, these engineers and attorneys are learning how to put fires out on their own.

“I went through the training a number of years ago and one of our associate attorneys decided that it was probably in our best interest having moved to a new building to get some safety training,” director of human resources at Ohnstad Twichell Joy Knutson said.

The West Fargo Fire Department volunteered their time and training to assist these business professionals in preparing themselves for emergency situations.

“I would highly recommend it, it’s free and we are more than willing to come out and do it and actually show them and educate them again on how to use fire extinguishers in the workplace and at home,” inspector at West Fargo Fire Department Travis Olson said.

The training started off with a briefing session inside before moving to the parking lot to practice putting out fires.

“A lot of people think that a fire extinguisher is going to push and have a lot of pressure so a lot of times they don’t get to actually experience it, and then when they come to find out it’s very easy and very effective they’re much more comfortable and that way they’re more apt to use it if there ever is an emergency,” Olson said.

Aside from learning about fire safety, these attorneys and engineers seem to be enjoying a break from the cubicle.

“They find it rewarding and fun actually, kind of get out of the office and have this nice sun,” Olson said. “At the same time when they learn how easy it is and effective it is again they’re more apt to go for something if there ever was an emergency, not only here but also in their house, which is very, very rewarding for us as well.”

The fire department provided three training sessions for employees.

“I would absolutely go through it, contact your fire department because it’s very beneficial,” Knutson said.

Aside from the volunteer firefighters, Nardini Fire Equipment of Fargo donated the fire extinguishers used in the training.

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