Trump Supporters, Protesters Verbally Clash Outside Scheels Arena

The two groups chanted at each other with police separating them

FARGO, N.D. — While President Trump spoke inside Scheels Arena, several Trump supporters and protesters went head to head outside the arena.

The two groups exchanged chants and barbs about topics ranging from Trump’s proposed border wall to his treatment of families detained on the border.

Protesters set up outside the Cash Wise in West Fargo around 4:00 in the afternoon, then proceeded over to Urban Plains Park. At the protest, demonstrators listened to speakers while holding up signs and clashing with Trump supporters while waiting outside the arena.

The protesters believed the experience was worthwhile.

“It’s my very first time ever coming to one of these and I’m very honored to be here with these people,” said Sue Lendshishorse, a protester. 

“In an increasingly divided environment that we’re in in this country, I think it’s important that we get together and unify on whatever issues we can and make a positive impact,” said Ethan Rose, a protester.

Over one hundred people participated in the protest.

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