West Fargo Public Library Teaches Kids to Code

It's part of their "Library Rocks" summer reading program

WEST FARGO, N.D. — You can never be too young to learn how to code.

Since so many things in our world revolve around technology, librarians at the West Fargo Public Library are teaching kids how to use basic technology applications.

The coding class is also a way for the library to do fun activities throughout the summer and encourage people to read more.

The class also helps kids to develop skills they can use beyond the classroom.

“We try to have lots of things in the library, not just reading but so the library is a fun place to do activities. It uses reading, it uses critical thinking skills and summer reading is a really good way to promote that so they’re learning all summer long,” said Lauren Nephew, with the West Fargo Public Library.

The next coding class at the library will be at the end of July.

You have to visit the library to register or give them a call.

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