Locals Blend Cultures on Fourth of July

They mix ethnic foods with American cuisine

FARGO, N.D. — The Fourth of July is all about being patriotic, and some locals are blending their own cultures with American traditions.

Some international grocery stores are open for part of the day, but owners say they’re closing early so they can celebrate America’s independence.

One store owner says she’ll have a cookout with her employees, but she’ll be adding some different tastes to the food.

“The way we use spices is different than American way. The spices they don’t have here, that makes it unique. Different spices from different countries, that’s what makes it unique. We all learn from different ways, different cultures,” Kina Wong from Lotus Blossom Grocery Store said.

Those working at another international store are blending their own cuisines too.

“We’ll close early today, so we just do like American way, we barbecue, but we also mix with our traditional food. Like pho, and mix it with barbecue. After that, we will have fireworks,” John Huynh, a manager at Asian and American Super Market, said.

They say their customers are doing things along the same lines.

“People just like American way, they go to the park and go to the lake, especially Detroit Lakes, to barbecue like American way,” he said.

Some people are shopping at the international market today so they can cook traditional foods to mix with American food during tonight’s celebration. A native of Liberia will be inviting friends over to share a meal.

“I’m going to cook some rice with some African sauce. Maybe I’m going to cook grains. We got some rice, we got some meat, this is what we call fufu in our country, we cook and just eat it, it’s a good meal so we’re going to buy them, got some fish, so many things,” Dennis Kakeh said. “This is a major holiday of the United States of America. Once we are part of America, we are so grateful, we feel so pleased to be a part of it.”

According to the American Immigration Council, 4 percent of people in North Dakota are immigrants.

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